COMING SOON: Why Anarchists Don't Vote

Pre-order today! This collection of classic writings highlights and explains the anarchists' enduring critique of electoralism and representative government. Featuring writings by Michael Bakunin, Peter Kropotkin, Lucy Parsons, Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, Kotoku Shusui, a poem by Voltairine De Cleyre, and an afterword by Cindy Milstein.
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Pan-African Social Ecology

by Modibo Kadalie
Modibo Kadalie has spent nearly six decades as an activist, organizer, teacher, and scholar in the ongoing struggle for Pan-African freedom. In this collection of interviews and public talks, he reflects on the sit-ins, boycotts, strikes, urban rebellions, and anticolonialist movements that have animated the late-twentieth and early-twenty-first centuries. Kadalie demonstrates how forms of directly democratic organizing that have evolved through these freedom struggles also present the promise of a ecological future. In so doing, he explains that direct democracy is the key to both Black liberation and ecological security. This concise, radical, and iconoclastic book calls on present and future generations of activists to reconnect with the spirit of these movements without lionizing individual leaders or lending legitimacy to any government or politician.
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Lay Down Your Arms

by Ole Brik Laursen
A collection of essays from a diverse group of writers originally published in the Dutch anti-militarist journal, "De Wapens Neder" (1935). Through their writing, these anarchist and socialist writers from Europe, Algeria, India, Japan, and the United States connected the struggles against fascism and imperialism in East Asia and Europe with anti-colonial struggles in India and Africa and the African American civil rights movement in the United States. This collection demonstrates the international scope and reach of anarchist and socialist anti-militarism in the 1930s. Includes writings from Hendrik Jan Mispelblom Beyer, Magdeleine Paz, Saïl Mohamed, Lyonel Florant, Aron van Dam, Han Kuijsten, M. P. T. Acharya, and E. K. Nobushima.
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